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January 3rd. Business Meeting Quilt & Needlecrafters 


  • Meeting called to order by president Penny Breeding at 10:05
    • Treasurer Report as best read by Secretary in absence of Mary Jo, official report to be submitted next week.See submitted Treasurer report.  Opening Balance of $2205.00 after disbursement ending bal. of: $2583.7.                                                     Some dues were collected by Penny Breeding.   
    •  New Business—This month’s block of the month will be Flying Geese with Rebecca.  See our Calendar for needed supplies. 

Calendar set:  1/10---Block of the month with Rebecca   

                     /17---Sew on your Own 

                     1/24--- Bingo Square wit Penny-see calendar for supplies                                                          1/31—Applique on Bingo Square     

                     2/7—February Business Meeting   

                    2/14—Bingo Party   

                   2/21 Block of the Month with Paula –Heart Block - see calendar for supplies 

                   2/28—Daytona Quilt Show 

                   3/6—March Business Meeting   

                   3/13—Block of the month with Linda –No Name 

                  3/20—Quilt shop, Kathy’s in Titusville with Lunch 


                  3/27—Jelly Roll Quilt with Bev Reed- See calendar for supplies.                                                           Meeting Adjourned 11:10

Submitted by Linda Walsh


Quilting & Needlecrafting

     November 1, 2019 th . Quilt & Needlecrafters Business Meeting

• President MaryAnn Frey called the meeting to order at 10:08 AM

• Treasurer Mary Jo Bilzer absent Report given By Mary Ann- No activity Bank Balance-- $ 2429.18 Petty Cash--- $ 5.00 Total $ --- 2434.18 • Secretary’s report-- Rehashed last month’s activities which included a block of the month by Mary Ann Frey, Churn Dash. The ladies had fun with all the different options.

• Ladies took turns choosing fabric donated by Pat Hallock which will be used in our block of the month with Mary Ann Grathwohl call Rosebud. • Donated items included a Lyrica extension table by Carol and pattern from Mary Ann Frey. OLD BUSINESS

• Discussion took place and approved to have a Christmas party on Dec.6th.Kathy Reinhardt and Mary Ann Grathwohl will chair this event which will include a $10.00 grab bag.

• Instead of the Jan. Newcomers Welcome brunch, an idea was floated to have demonstration morning possibly called newcomer’s join us tea party, which would include light refreshments, possible cookies and coffee or tea. Demonstrations would include knitting, crocheting, shortening pants, taking in seams etc. NEW BUSINESS

• The reflective sashes will be given out at the Annual HOA meeting Nov. 7th .

• The quilts obtained by Jan Hichak were priced and readied for our silent auction to be held Dec. 5th. Setup will be the night before. The auction will be on displayed before the HOA meeting and bids will be accepted all day with the winners to be announced at the break at Bingo that night. The quilts were photographed and priced to the opening bid requested. Signup sheets will need to be passed around. Volunteers are needed throughout the day to pass out bidder numbers and record the names. Chair ladies are Jan, Lou and Michael. Penny recorded the requested opening bids and will prepare bid sheets.

• Meeting adjourned at 11:40 Linda Walsh

• Blue coverlet- $25.00 50”/60”

• Pink Baby quilt $25.00 • Pink, Rose & Mauve Twin Quilt $40.00

• Christmas Star- White Background $20.00 64”/74”

• Multi Patchwork scrappy quilt $30.00 56”/74”

• Pine cone red green white $30.00 77”/64”

• Gray Circle yo yos twin $30.00 54”/98”

• Rust Pinwheel $20.00 51”/58”

• Gray, Black, Blue geometric $25.00 66”/66”

• Polish desc windowpane $50.00 111”/72”

20191101_105335.jpg (4032×1960)     


Sept. 13.2019Business Meeting Quilt ^0 Needlecrafters-page-0.jpg (2550×3300)

                                               The following is a slate of officers for the upcoming year:

Mary Ann Frey, President
Penny Breeding, Co-President
Janice Hichak, Vice President
Treasurer, Mary Jo Bilzor
Secretary, Linda Walsh
Sunshine Lady, Pat Sulzbach
• Calendar of events:
4/12: Help meeting, bring ideas, work on your own project and collect your Bazaar items
4/19 Good Friday NO MEETING
4/26 TBD
5/3 TBD
5/10 Final Business Meeting and catered lunch on the patio.
PS. Don’t forget to view our webpage at: Quilt & Needlecrafters and to have a look at our calendar if you forget what’s doing? 
Linda Walsh              calendar


The purpose of the Edgewater Landing Quilt & Needlecraft Group is to inspire our
members to enhance their sewing, quilting, and other needle art skills.
All residents and seasonal residents of Edgewater Landing are eligible to join
the Quilt & Needlecraft Group.
Membership dues are $5.00 per year. The fiscal year will run from January 1 to
December 31.
• Voting privileges for the election of officers and other matters pertaining to the
group is extended to all members in good standing. A member in good standing
requires dues payment be current.
President - Will call to order and preside at all business meetings.
Vice - President - Will assume the duties of the president when necessary.
- Keep record of all business meetings.
Will be the custodian of the official by-laws.
Will keep an updated record of membership.

Will act as Sunshine Chairman .
- Will collect and accurately record all membership dues.
Will be custodian of all receipts, pay all bills and keep accurate
account of all monies paid out and received.
Will have an up to date record of all finances.


Committees will undertake the various projects of the Group. Members may
volunteer to chair or serve on any committee they want. Committees will be
formed as deemed necessary.
Internet Correspondence Committee - Send out information by email to all
group members regarding meetings, projects, etc.
Community Information Committee - Provide a news article to the Pelican
Pouch regarding the activity of the group and information to the Community
Website & TV channel HOA committees on upcoming events.
Sunshine Committee - Send out Get Well, Thank You, and Bereavement
cards to group members or professional speakers as needed.
A. Business meetings will be held the first Friday of each month in the
Edgewater Landing Clubhouse at 10:00 am. Regular meetings will be on all
remaining Fridays of the month at 10:00 am in the Clubhouse .
B. A 50% plus 1 vote of approval by members in attendance at the business
meeting will be required to amend the by-laws.
C. Notice of meetings will be published in the monthly Pelican Pouch Schedule
of Daily Activities section.
D Officers will be elected for a 2 year term, with elections to be held at the
ovember Business meeting during odd number years (i.e. 2015, 2017 )
Nominations will be accepted at the October Business Meeting and may be
submitted to the group secretary any time beforehand. The Secretary and
Treasurer of the Group will count the votes and announce the results at the
November Business meeting. Elected officers will begin serving their term
at the first Business meeting in January. There are no term limits for the
number of times a member may run for any office.
E. Out-going officers, at the end of their term, will turn over records and
documents belonging to the club to their successors.
F. The Quilt & Needlecraft Show will be hosted in the Edgewater Landing
Clubhouse during odd number year (i.e. 2015, 2017 ..), with the date to be
set between February 15 and March 31.
G. Honorariums of $50 will be given to professional speakers or teachers not
charging a set fee.


Amendment to Edgewater Landing Quilt and Needlecraft Group Bylaws
March 3, 2017
The following article was amended and approved unanimously at the Business Meeting on
March 3, 2017:
Article 5D. Officers will be elected for a 1 year term, with elections to be held at the March Business
Meeting annually. Nominations will be accepted at the February meeting and may be submitted to the
group Secretary anytime beforehand. The Secretary and Treasurer of the group will count the votes and
announce the results at the March business meeting. Elected officers will begin serving their term at the
first Business meeting in April.





**  Sample quilts appear in the attachment box below. **