Our Ambassadors are adjunct volunteers who take pride in showing our community to visitors.  They have no interest in sales, and in fact, can only offer a brochure, which lists homes for sale.  The Ambassadors' only interest is in explaining all the facets of Edgewater Landing and why we love it so.

Ambassador tours are usually available on:     

  • Monday - Friday       11:00AM - 3:00PM 
  • Saturday                   11:00AM -  1:00PM
  • Sunday                        1:00PM – 3:00PM

As you go through the Edgewater Landing front gate, tell the Information Officer you would like to meet an Ambassador.  You will be give a Guest Pass and directions to the Club House.

On behalf of all our friends and neighbors, the Ambassadors are delighted that you’re going to spend a little time with us. We think as you tour our community, you will realize you are not in an ordinary place...but one that is very special!

First of all, as you drive through our streets you will notice that everyone smiles and waves to you. That’s just one of those friendly gestures we all do here, so please just go ahead and smile and wave back to us. Thanks!!!

We think you will be impressed with how beautiful and well landscaped our community is. We all own our own property (a definite advantage over renting the land underneath your house!) and mutually participate in maintaining the common areas. We think our pride shows…don’t you?

While you are here, take a couple of long moments to check out our Clubhouse, heated pool and spa, the fishing pier, the boat storage area and ramp, etc. We spend many happy hours enjoying our lifestyle and our friends at all of these locations. There are LOTS of activities going on all the time!

If you’ve never visited a manufactured home, you are in for quite a surprise. The style, space, convenience and quality of workmanship are so much more than you would ever expect.
But the most important part of all is our sense of family among all the residents here. The facilities and grounds are simply beautiful...the houses are wonderful...The weather is one of the reasons we’re all here...and the BEST PART, THE VERY BEST, is the people…our new friends, our new “family” and the lifestyle we have all come to cherish here in Edgewater Landing. Stop any person on the street, and you’ll hear the same story!

Please enjoy your time with us, and we’ll look forward to calling you “our new neighbor and our new friend.”