Civic Awareness Committee

Highlights from recent Edgewater City Council meetings appear below as attachments.

City of Edgewater Community News

The seawall repairs at George R. Kennedy Memorial Park have been approved by City Council.  The next step is for the City Council to select an Engineering firm to provide drawings for the project.  With the upcoming proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2019, staff is recommending that the boat ramp, fishing pier and pavilion be replaced along with the seawall to save money by combining all projects together. The City has received approval from Florida Inland Navigation District for grants for the seawall repairs of $150,000 and a Disaster Fund Grant of $320,000 for the boat ramp replacement.

 A new bench has been installed on the pier at Menard May Park.  A new light system for the end of the pier will be installed in coming weeks.    

Students from Bethune-Cookman College have been in Menard May Park planting plants around the coquina rock revetment wall to replace the plants that were lost in Hurricane Irma. This project is funded by a federal grant to study the success of living shorelines in the Lagoon. The plants help remove nitrates from entering the waterway. The City has also partnered with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University who will be documenting the work using drones.  

Edgewater Utility Excessive Use Credit (EUC) Policy

At the April council meeting,  the Edgewater Utility staff was authorized to credit customer accounts for “unusually high” water usage.  A copy of the new policy appears below.