Civic Awareness Committee

Last Update: 9/18/21

Edgewater City Council Meeting:  September 13, 2021 

As part of citizen comments, former City Manager Tracy Barlow spoke on behalf of the New Smyrna Beach Board of Realtors to invite council members to a presentation on “Smart Growth” that will be held at Hidden Lakes Club House on 10/18 from 8am until Noon and will be followed by lunch. This presentation is free but attendees must register prior to the presentation.

Among the topics to be discussed:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Environmental Impact of Development
  • Creating Vibrant & Livable Developments

The Council approved tentative millage rates and a tentative budget for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2021. The approved budget totals $79,860,254 and includes a 3% increase for fire personnel and 4% increase for other employees. A special council meeting is scheduled for September 27th to complete budget preparations.

 The following zoning/development issues were given final approval:

  • Annexation of .65 acres of land located on North Cory Drive to be zoned as R3 – Single Family Residential
  • Annexation of .63 acres of land located at 142 Arbor Lane to be zoned as R2 – Single Family Residential
  • Final plat approval for Oak Leaf Preserve Phase 2 which will consist of 75 single family lots. Phase 1 which is almost completed consists of 77 single family lots. When completed Oak Leaf Preserve, which is located off Old Mission Road north of Park Avenue, will include 375 lots on 21.7 acres.

In his closing remarks, Mayor Thomas pointed out that there are currently 27 open positions waiting to be filled across the city staff. He feels that the employees generally need salary increases to make the positions more competitive.  Mayor Thomas also complimented the city response to a water main break on his property and wondered how much expense the city went through getting necessary equipment to deal with water leaks.


Florida Department of Transportation I-95 Traffic Signal (updated)

 The traffic signal contractor has put the intersection in flash (main street flashing yellow, side street flashing red). The signal needs to flash for 7 days to inform the public about the new signal forthcoming and to ensure the electronics work correctly.

 If everything goes well (and weather permitting) the contractor anticipates the signal turning on to full operation (ie., Green --> Yellow --> Red) Wednesday September 15, 2021.


Edgewater Environmental News

Riverside Conservancy has received a grant from the Indian River Lagoon Council to provide living shoreline restoration at Veteran’s Memorial Park, George R. Kennedy Memorial Park, Menard May Park and Highland Shores Park through plantings and oyster reef enhancement.

The project includes approximately 1000 feet of shoreline and oyster reef. Stabilizing and restoring shoreline through carefully selected plantings will immediately provide habitat for many aquatic species, sequester nutrients from runoff, and reduce erosion and escarpment. Furthermore, restoration of the oyster reefs will provide habitat for juvenile aquatic species while cleansing the water and stabilizing the intertidal area. 

There is no cost to the City for this project. Crews from Riverside Conservancy, Young Bear Environmental and volunteers began installing the new oyster reefs along the north side of George R. Kennedy Memorial Park on August 7, 2021. Riverside Conservancy will visit the sites bi-weekly for the first three months to assess plantings and oyster reef. After the first three months, the sites will be visited monthly. The sites will remain under Riverside Conservancy for at least five years in order to conduct comprehensive research on the oyster reefs and to ensure the success of the shoreline restoration.


Edgewater Environmental Advisory Board Meeting -  May 25, 2021  

At the monthly City Council meeting in April, the council appointed 7 members for the newly created Environmental Advisory Board.  The first meeting of the board took place on Tuesday May 25th and mostly involved “housekeeping” tasks related to running board meetings. The board voted to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month and agendas for meetings will be posted on the City of Edgewater website.  Board meetings are open to all residents. 

A summary of the May 25th meeting appears in the attachment box below along with a copy of the board bylaws.


Edgewater Refuse Pickup

 The City has received the last new refuse truck which means all new trucks will be out on the routes by the week of March 15, 2021. Residents are asked to use the new carts that the City provided as the can tippers on the new trucks allow the workers to use mechanical means to dump the carts rather than manual labor.


Message from City Manager Glenn Irby

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how proud I am to serve alongside our nearly 200 employees who go above and beyond every day to provide the best service possible to our residents and visitors. Recently I was asked about my goals for 2021. These are my top two priorities:

  • Continuation of seeking more and better grant opportunities for Utilities and Parks improvements, including investigating opportunities for Housing improvements in low to moderate income neighborhoods.
  •  Continuation of budget presentation improvements to ensure the City’s Operating budget is in compliance and user friendly.

I can be reached by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 386-424-2400 x1203. I look forward to hearing from you about how we can work together to help our community be its best!


Edgewater Utility Notice

The City of Edgewater is in the process of replacing all water meters throughout the city. The meters currently in use are reaching the end of their useful life and are due to be replaced. This process will take several years to complete since all the meters (13,000+) throughout the City were originally installed at approximately the same time. 

Along with the meter replacements, the City is also upgrading to the Sensus FlexNet system that will use smart meters and transmitters to send readings on an hourly basis to the Sensus Analytics Software. This FlexNet communication network will allow the customer to view their consumption history and send alerts to the customer to inform them of any potential leak issues in order to address problems in the field faster and provide better service to our customers.


 City Council Meeting – February 1, 2021 

The February 1st City Council Meeting started with a discussion regarding Glen Irby's performance as City Manager. Councilwoman Gigi Bennington feels  Mr. Irby's performance is lacking and would like to have him replaced. None of the other council members agreed.

A summary of the meeting appears in the attachment box below.    


City Council Meeting – January 11, 2021 

The first Edgewater City Council Meeting for 2021 took place on January 11th and mostly involved "routine" zoning issues that were discussed at the December meeting as well as changes to the Edgewater Trespass ordinance. Additional discussions were related to the Environmental Advisory Committee that the council previously approved and issues raised by Councilwoman Bennington about the City Manager. The council agreed to add an item to the February agenda to discuss the City Manager's performance.

A summary of the January 11th meeting appears in the attachment box at the bottom of this page.