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Last Update: 3/22/20

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Edgewater City Council Declares Emergency for Covid-19

The Edgewater City Council held an emergency meeting on Monday March 16th to discuss actions required for Covid-19. A summary of the meeting appears in the attachment box below.

City buildings will be in "lockdown" status to protect staff from exposure to Covid-19.  Residents will not be able to enter most buildings and are encouraged to use phone or online communications. 

Emergency personnel will respond to calls but will limit their entry into resident homes. Where possible, residents may be asked to come outside to discuss the reason for the call.

Council members gave approval to cut down to one refuse pick up a week if that becomes advisable for staffing. 


Edgewater City Council Decision for Solid Waste Service

 The City Council reached a final decision on the delivery of solid waste services at the January 6, 2020 City Council meeting.

This means:

  • 2 pickups per week
  • No transfer station replacement needed
  • 2 employees per truck
  • Carts (also called garbage cans) will be provided by residents

Any additional cost per month to residents will be evaluated during the upcoming annual rate study. Additional information will be forthcoming as the implementation plan for 2020 is finalized.