Civic Awareness Committee

Highlights from the most recent Edgewater City Council meeting appear below as attachments.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday March 22nd at 6:30PM to discuss solid waste disposal. 

Notice Regarding Utility Bills

    The City of Edgewater reads water meters and bills customers on a two cycle system. What this means is that all meters in the City are read in two separate cycles due to the geographic size of our community. Bills to Cycle 1 customers go out at the middle of each month and bills to Cycle 2 customers go out at the end of each month. The typical length of a billing cycle is 28-35 days. At the end of each meter reading route (Cycle 1 or 2) through the City, staff runs what is called an "exception report" to ensure that each customer's reported usage is accurate. Unusually high (or low) consumption prompts a re-read of the meter for accuracy.

    After staff scrutinized the Cycle 1 exception report this month, it was determined that the meters of the Cycle 1 customers would be re-read to ensure those customers receive an accurate bill based on their usage. This means Cycle 1 customers will experience a 35 day billing cycle (February 1 - March 7). Because of the length of this billing cycle, customers may see a slight increase in the amount of their bill. We encourage all to compare their average per day consumption with previous months. In order to compare your per day consumption, simply take the consumption on your bill and divide it by the number of days in the billing cycle. As always, our Utility Billing staff is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM to assist you with any questions. They can be reached at 424-2400 x4000. Click here to reach staff using our online reporting system. 

Download this file (COUNCIL0305.pdf)Edgewater City Council Meeting, Mar 5, 2018 090