E/L Library

Last update: 6/26/18 

**  Recent additions to the E/L Library are listed in the attachment box below. **

Librarian Notice  

Our snowbirds are leaving and from May to November we have several days open needing help in the library.  The work entails logging in new books and replacing returned books to the proper shelf maybe 1/2 hour one day a week. If you are interested please contact Drew Kaelin.

We rely heavily on donated books from our residents and a small amount of purchases to update our shelves with more current reading material. It would be appreciated if you would return your borrowed books after reading so others may also enjoy them. As we have limited space we have a set genre selection and also have a copyright date (this can be found in the front of a book) cut off of no older than 2014 for book donations .

There is a sign in the library of what we accept for our shelves. We are finding large donations of old books, magazines, religious material just left in the library that do not fit these selections. If you are unsure of what we can use, please call me.  Please do not leave it up to a library volunteer to carry your unwanted reading material to a resale site.

Suggestions for new authors are always welcome appreciated!                Drew Kaelin,   Library chairperson

Download this file (ELLIB2018_July.pdf)New Additions To E/L Library