E/L Library

Last update: 11/17/18 

**  Recent additions to the E/L Library are listed in the attachment box below. **


Due to limited shelf space, the E/L Library does not normally accept books with copyright dates prior to 2014.   

However, some older books from popular authors are kept in a basket labeled “OLDIES BUT GOODIE.

Authors with books currently in this basket include:  Lee Child, Tom Clancy, Janet Evanovich, Lisa Gardner and Stuart Woods. 

Residents are free to take any of the books from the "Oldies But Goldies" basket and are not obligated to return them

Please donate books with copyrights prior to 2014 to charitable organizations instead of the E/L Library.


A complete list of books added to the E/L Library since August  can be found in the attachment box below.  

Books recently added have a sticker saying NEW so they are easy to spot.

Download this file (ELLIB2018_Nov17.pdf)New Additions to E/L Library