Policies and Procedures

The attached Policies & Procedures are up to date as of 4/5/2018.  Also attached is a listing of Committee Chairpersons and their Board Liaison.

Policies and Procedures are prepared for all fourteen (14) Standing Committees, required by our By-Laws, and for all long term Special Committees appointed by the Board of Directors.  The Standing Committees are:

  1. Administrative Committee - Assists the Recording Secretary and the Corresponding Secretary in their duties as custodians of all Association records, files and minutes.

  2. Architectural Control Committee - Assists in the enforcement of restrictions/codes listed in the Declaration (Covenants) by approving all requests for new home construction, changes, additions and/or improvements tot he external structures of each Unit and Lot.

  3. Boat & RV Storage Committee - Coordinates requests for boat and recreational vehicle (RV) storage, monitors boat & RV storage areas for rules infractions and reports violations to the Board.

  4. Education Committee - Coordinates classes and activities for interested residents with emphasis on maintaining the Associations "Elder Adult Status" per the requirements of the Fair Housing Act (Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995, as updated).

  5. Entertainment/Social Committee - Coordinates all Association sponsored social activities for the residents.

  6. Facilities Committee - Coordinates, prioritizes and leads the management company/sub-contractors in maintenance, repair and general upkeep of the Association Property, facilities and equipment.

  7. Finance Committee - Operates under the direction of the Treasurer and the Board and is responsible for preparing the proposed annual budget, conducting an annual audit and/or review of the Assistant Treasurers financial records and presenting the budget to the Board at the October meeting.

  8. Human Resources Committee - Provides support to Committee Chairpersons by providing lists of residents who are interested in serving on standing committees or as members of the Board, or are willing to volunteer their services to the community.

  9. Kitchen/Breakfast Committee - Maintains supplies and equipment for the clubhouse kitchen.

  10. Lease Review Committee - Monitors and approves all leases of residences as outlined in the Declaration (Covenants) as amended and the Lease Review Procedure.

  11. Legal Committee - Reviews and/or drafts all documents governing and supporting the operations of the Association and to provide guidance or recommendations to the Board.

  12. Nominating Committee - Solicits, processes and presents to the Members of the Association all nominations for election to the Board of Directors.

  13. Tabulating Committee - Consists of four (4) or more members not holding a Director or Officer position nor seeking a nomination, whose purpose is to tabulate votes cast on written ballots, when such voting process is utilized.

  14. Welcome Committee - Greet all new residents, briefly explain all rules and regulations and ascertain that each new resident has a copy of all necessary Edgewater Landing documents.